CLEMAP completes seed financing round

Zurich-based CLEMAP has attracted national and international collaborations for its end-to-end energy platform in Smart Grid, Smart Factory and Smart Building markets. Proceeds from its funding round will help advance its B2B IoT energy platform and accelerate market entry. Newly appointed Board of directors will support the startup’s new growth phase.

Since its foundation in 2017, CLEMAP has been offering CLEMAP One for the Smart Buildings sector allowing for electricity measurements in apartments and private households. With the CLEMAP Load Management, the company provides a dynamic control system for electric charging stations. Thanks to sophisticated technologies and algorithms, it ensures a constant current flow and avoids electrical overload of the grid connections.

While enhancing and expanding the products mentioned above through sales partners internationally, the startup has broadened its offering to include the Smart Grid and Smart Factory segments. Thanks to important co-operations in the Swiss market, the Smart Grid area received a solid foundation. In particular, the dynamic load management of charging stations, which has a high level of compatibility and applicability, promises great potential. The startup also entered the Italian market with solutions for the Smart Factory segment to support industrial customers to optimise their consumption.

Thanks to the convincing market activities and outlook, the CLEMAP has attracted various institutional and private investors to participate in its seed financing round led by SICTIC investor and entrepreneur Malco Parola. The capital will flow into scaling its B2B IoT energy platform and accelerate its market entry ambitions.

Board members appointed
In line with the capital increase, CLEMAP reorganised its Board of directors with Kurt Bobst, former CEO of Repower, as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Bobst succeed the former Pascal Kienast, who remains part of the Board of Directors. SICTIC’s Parola has also joined the Board.

The CLEMAP management team, with Gino Agbomemewa as CEO and Pascal Kienast as COO, remains unchanged. The restructuring guarantees continuity and makes it possible to push ahead with the planned, ambitious expansion steps throughout Switzerland and internationally.

(Press release/RAN)
Photo L-R: Malco Parola, Pascal Kienast, Gino Agbomemewa, Kurt Bobst