Cleantech startup Urban Sympheny wins Boost My Startup Challenge

Urban Sympheny focussing on software to optimize energy supply solutions for buildings and districts has won the first Boost My Startup Challenge, jointly launched by BG Consulting Engineers and UBS. More than 30 startups had applied, six of them were selected for the finals. Given the success of this first competition the organizers decided to launch a second edition.

From the more than 30 startups that had registered for the Boost My Startup Challenge, BG Consulting Engineers and UBS selected six young companies to present their project in ten minutes. Pitching to around forty entrepreneurs and investors, the start-up Urban Sympheny from Dübendorf (ZH) impressed the most with its energy planning software. The jury was particularly enthusiastic about the start-up's huge potential.

Broad range of applications

The experts appreciated the broad applicability of the software. It enables energy planners to easily achieve ambitious sustainability goals for any type of location. The solution can be applied at the level of a building, a neighbourhood or even an entire city. Thanks to powerful algorithms and the use of digital twins, the software can simulate the local energy generation system, storage, import or export and energy consumption.

"Urban Sympheny has already offered a sustainable and optimal energy concept to several clients, proving its performance in the market. Their ambition to know and understand the entire value chain in real estate, planning and construction in Switzerland and abroad fits perfectly with the objectives of our competition," said Pierre Epars, CEO of BG Consulting Engineers.

"The services offered through our Boost My Startup Challenge will enable Urban Sympheny to adapt its product in the market and develop scalable solutions that can transform energy planning worldwide," said Philippe Schlegel, a member of the Growth Advisory Unit at UBS.

The other selected start-ups for the pitch event included:

  • Zaphiro Technologies, based in Renens (VD), intends to foster the energy transition with a smart grid solution.
  • Predictive Layer, based in Rolle (VD), uses artificial intelligence to forecast key indicators such as price, cost, volume, and revenue in order to better anticipate and optimize a company's operations.
  • Droople, based in Puidoux (VD), aims to build the Internet of Water to connect billions of water pipes in order to monitor them, predict their maintenance, automate the supply of their consumables and enable water and energy savings.
  • Archilyse, based in Zurich's Technnopark, offers a simple and functional way to extract essential information from land-use plans in real estate.
  • E-nno, based in Geneva, uses data to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. 

A new edition in 2022

Given the success of this first competition, the partners BG Consulting Engineers and UBS have already decided to launch a second edition of the Boost My Startup Challenge.

(Press release / SK)