Chimpy conquers sixth market: Italy

Eco-friendly powerbanks provider Chimpy has built a network of 2000 pickup- and return points in Europe. Italy has now joined the network with 60 new stands in Milano.

Chimpy offers a simple powerbank sharing system with which people can charge their smartphones resource-efficiently using only solar energy. The power for the devices also comes from the same renewable energy source, namely from solar panels located on the roof of the headquarters in Zurich, for instance.

In Europe, the green powerüands are available in 2000 locations including kiosks, train stations, airports and shopping centers, in major cities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Spain and since June this year in Austria.

With the expansion to Milan, Chimpy begins a new adventure in the Italian market. Chimpy powerbanks are now available in an initial network of 60 newsstands in the city: in the green and red subway, from Corso Garibaldi to Corso Genova. By paying three euros and depositing a security deposit, customers in Italy will also address their fast-draining battery problem in instantly and conveniently.

“Milan is a dynamic and frenetic city. Having a smartphone is essential in all aspects of daily life, be it for making a business call, messaging, paying for an aperitivo with an app. The true Milanese are never on low battery. I am excited about this launch in Italy. This is our sixth national market and a further step towards becoming an established mobile solar power distributor in Europe”, said Edwin, COO Chimpy & Country manager Chimpy Italia. For me, it is also a chance to live in a big city closest to where I was born and raised, which I still know so little about but am already getting very attached to.”