CHF 500’000 of interest free loans for five startups


In 2018, the five tech startups Aesyra, Nanoleq, Qnami, Sleepiz and Spacetek received an interest free loan of 100’000 Swiss francs each by the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research. The cutoff date for the summer assessment 2019 is on April 15.


Since 1997, the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research has supported successful startups such as Sensirion and GlycoVaxyn with interest free loans of 100’000 Swiss francs. The loan aims to support the development of a realistic business model resulting in an attractive and strong business case.

In 2018, the foundation granted loans to the following five startups:

Aesyra is in the process of developing a one-size-fits-all dental splint that is connected to a wearable wrist device with an integrated bio-feedback system, which will prevent teeth grinding.

Nanoleq develops new cable technology, which relies on smart layer arrangement of the cable and the use of innovative, stretchable and conductive materials.  

Qnami is tackling the market of diagnostics at the sub-micron stage by developing a microscope for material and device inspection, using proprietary Quantilever diamond technology. The microscope is designed for use in R&D centers in private companies and public universities.

Sleepiz provides a contact free, easy to use, inexpensive and robust home sleep monitoring solution. The device wirelessly transmits all the essential diagnostic parameters to the clinic through an encrypted channel for monitoring and analysis.

Spacetek develops compact mass spectrometers for industrial process monitoring and surveillance applications. The machine does not need laboratory infrastructure nor operator while providing a full analysis of a probe in a short amount of time.

Interested startups can apply for loans year-round. As the foundation has biannual assessment cycles, one in the summer and one in the winter, cutoff dates are April 15 and September 15 respectively.