CHF 150,000 to provide wheelchair users with more independence and freedom

Exomotion’s intelligent wheelchair ALLURE provides users with the highest level of manoeuvrability, enabling them to move freely in different environments. Exomotion will use the CHF 150,000 to advance its market entry in 2022.

People with reduced mobility often face challenges when using electric wheelchairs: The limited manoeuvrability and portability of existing wheelchairs can prevent people from accessing places and participating in activities, which negatively impacts their quality of life. Furthermore, the technology used in such devices often lacks the necessary connectivity and app-based services for a practical, intuitive, and user-friendly experience.

Exomotion’s intelligent wheelchair ALLURE provides people with independence and autonomy. ALLURE enables a new mobility experience that allows people to move in any direction—both indoors and outdoors. The light, foldable, and portable device comes with an elegant design and even includes the technology to allow driverless mode.

Exomotion was founded by Mohsen Falahi (CEO) with a focus on assistive mobility technologies. The estimated market size of assistive mobility technologies is estimated to surpass USD 24 billion by 2024. Exomotion will use the support from Venture Kick for its market entry in 2022: The company will be providing mobility as a service for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) in airports. Exomotion will be conducting test drives in both the Geneva and Zurich airports to adapt their solution to the needs of both passengers and the PRM service providers.

“Venture Kick for us wasn’t a startup competition; it was a full package to learn, adapt, progress, and experience a real entrepreneurship journey tailored for our needs. During the Kickers Camps, our network of people with direct experience in our field of work expanded, which could have taken much longer if it weren’t for Venture Kick,” said Mohsen Falahi, the founder and CEO of Exomotion.

(Press release / SK)