CHF 100’000 interest free loan for four disruptive technologies

Four startups have received an interest free loan from the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research. The four startups, Vibwife, Intento, Teleport and CyanoGuard will use these funds to finance their early stage operations to enable them go to market.

For the second time this year, the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research has issued an interest free loan of CHF 100’000 to four early stage startups who have proved to have a significant market potential. This financial support gives startups a foundation to further develop their business ideas, to create products and to get them ready for commercialisation.

The four startups are;

Vibwife GmbH Founded by Anna Peters and Tobias von Siebenthal, Vibwife GmbH have designing a mattress-system that actively mobilizes and supports women during natural birth. Thanks to the system, the woman's pelvis is moved to bring the expectant mother and child best position for birth, which consequently reduces the time in labour and promotes safer childbirth. Vibwife thus strives to reduce the risk of a caesarean section, even if a one-to-one supervision by the midwife is not ensured as is often the case.

Intento SA Intento has developed a medical device to enable severely paralyzed stroke patients to recover motor function. The device uses a user-friendly system consists of tablet software and a motion control device which is connected to an electrical stimulator. The device has passed the test with 80% of the patients showing progress within two weeks and is therefore acknowledged to be effective. The device will be available for both hospitals and households.

Teleport SA Teleport offers users a platform to create and navigate videos by scrolling, in a smooth, fast and intuitive way as they would on any website. Contents can be overlaid on the image to contextualize it; images, texts, social media statuses or videos and basically anything that exists on-line can be integrated in a Teleport. This hence gives users full control of video content and enables them get detailed information about a place, its features and atmosphere. This service is suitable for universities, virtual tours, museums, events among others.

CyanoGuard AG CyanoGuard is a spinoff of the University of Zurich developing innovative quick tests for toxins in food, water and blood. The detection technology combines efficient and easy-to-handle indicators for cyanide with extraction technology and will improve food and water safety control, environmental monitoring and emergency health care globally. This technology has continued to gain recognition and has won the startup awards such as, the second prize in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Competition 2016 in London.