Certified Kido Dynamics ready to democratize Big Data Analytics worldwide

Kido Dynamics has recently signed an agreement with one of the Swiss telecom operators to deploy its solution. In addition, the EPFL-spin-off has been awarded the Innosuisse Certificate. As the next step the company is expanding globally.

Kido Dynamics has developed a state-of-the-art capability to process and analyze a very specific set of fully anonymized data: call detail records (CDRs), a telecom operator standard utilized in every country worldwide. Kido’s processing cost is between 10 and 100 times lower than similar commercially available solutions, and its totally automated technology solves all major issues to broadly adopt Big Data: cost optimization, complexity reduction, avoid multisource, and ease of integration.

This democratization allows the start-up to address a broad customer base: from municipalities to SMEs to cantons to big corporates. Questions such as where to open a new store, who is visiting a ski resort, how many users utilize an airport, where to place bike sharing assets or how many people from Zurich visited Morges for the Tulip festival last May can now be answered in just one click.

The Kido team has worked with coaches with previous industry and entrepreneurial experience, through Innosuisse this network has been broadened. The coaches have continuously challenged and questioned its development, business plan, product, strategy… Ignacio Barrios adds “we needed to iterate our MVP, our go-to-market strategy, reconsider our resources. It’s been a real learning experience which has allowed us to become a much better start-up, and also create very strong bonds with our coaches.”

In Switzerland the company is already collaborating with the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force and Eawag to monitor COVID-19 related mobility patterns. Recently Kido has signed an agreement with one of the local telecom operators to deploy its solutions, and expects to start working with new customers in the coming weeks.

In addition, the spin-off has been awarded the Innosuisse Certificate recently. For Kido Dynamics the certification represents a natural and necessary maturity step, an official acknowledgement that all this support and nurture has ended up producing a well-fitted, self-sustainable, growing start-up with a great potential. The certificate will indeed reinforce the startup’s credibility in regard to its product and technology, and it will generate a lot of awareness, especially in Switzerland, where the start-up has maintained a relatively low profile. Ignacio Barrios expects this will change now.

The recognition by the Swiss Innovation Agency will also help Kido to achieve the next important milestone: international expansion. The team plans to enter in 15 countries by the end of 2021, with special focus in LATAM, South East Asia and Middle East. Currently the start-up is achieving an impressive growth rate. Reasons are the replicable business model and its SaaS platform, which is fully available in Switzerland. In addition, Kido’s white label model enables the start-up to reach a massive customer base very easily as the telecom operators carry most of the commercial effort through their existing B2B portfolio. Currently, Kido Dynamics is raising a bridge round before its Series A, mostly due to new business opportunities in 3 new countries that require short term resources.

(Eugène Schön)