Celine Dion enthralls audiences with Swiss-made drone technology


The world’s best-selling artists, Celine Dion will deploy more than 100 drones to fly on stage during her signature song and the best-selling single in history «My heart will go on». The drones and the technology are a product of the Swiss startup Verity Studios.


Verity Studios specializes in the development of autonomous indoor drones for live concerts and has until today been successful at enthralling audiences with the performances delivered by its drones. Its flagship drone ‘Lucie micro drone’ that are equipped with RGBW. When precisely choreographed, the drones form a cluster of flying lights, which, combined with their smooth motions work in harmony to produce captivating results and a variety of different effects. The drones are suitable for a variety of scenes, be it on tours, in theatres, corporate events, shopping malls, or airports. Since its foundation in 2014, Verity's drones have completed more than 150,000 autonomous flights safely above people, in more than 100 venues in 20 countries worldwide. It's systems also enable the deployment of dynamic sensors and other payloads anywhere in commercial and industrial facilities. Verity’s drones have been used by some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment, including Cirque du Soleil, Madison Square Garden, and in global tours of major artists including Drake and Metallica. Most recently, Verity completed an event in Beijing with Zhang Yimou, the Chinese film director and producer known for directing the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. "My Heart Will Go On" back in the future with 104 Verity drones Building its success, Verity has made yet another a major announcement: the company is collaborating with Céline Dion throughout her upcoming tour as she brings her classic "My Heart Will Go On" into the future with 104 Verity drones. Celine Dion will visit Zurich in June 2020 as part of her Europe tour.  As described by the startup the drones will be integrated into the show as follows: In the much-awaited encore of Dion’s show, the song, «My Heart Will Go On», more than 100 drones will rise from the stage, dramatically turning blue and thronging around Dion as the song reaches its crescendo. In the final strains, the drones hover above her before descending to the stage one by one. A single drone will then sink down towards her outstretched hands before it lifts away as the raises her arm. Verity’s Head of Live Events, Federico Augugliaro, said that the drones were key in creating a powerful and uplifting moment to end the concert. “My Heart Will Go On is Céline Dion’s biggest hit, and show designer Yves Aucoin wanted to create a big visual impact for the song. The drones were integral in providing an immersive, 3D effect, and Céline Dion’s interactions with the drones evoke a strong emotional response from the audience.”(Press release/RAN)