CE Incubator opens doors for 33 startups

Out of more than 100 applications, the jury has selected 33 projects to participate in the 2021/2022 edition of the CE Incubator. A buffet of support including coaching, mentoring, 1:1 meeting, events awaits the teams.

The Circular Economy Transition (CET) Incubator support founders with solutions aimed at accelerating the transition towards a Circular Economy in Switzerland. During the 12-week program, the selected entrepreneurs work on developing their minimum viable product (MVP) and validating their business model with support from advisors, experts and a network of impact investors. On 19 October, the latest cohort comprising 33 Switzerland based startups will kick off the program in the cities Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Ticino and Zurich. The majority of the teams hail from Switzerland from the German and Romandie regions, and one from Luxembourg.

Meet the cohort in their designated categories

Circularity as Sharing and Platform Solutions

BliBliDressing – Facilitator of recycling clothes in the Fast Fashion market.

faroo – a B2B sharing platform to enable everyone to rent all kinds of things.

Thingsy – provides services to enable people to repair, share, resell and recycle electrical appliances

Valores – B2B marketplace to valorize unsold fruits and vegetables from local producers.

Circularity in Fashion & Consumer Goods

Blocsy – offers an adaptive, environmentally conscious modular furniture system

CAP – Eco-Industrial watch

Capriole (Luxembourg) – transforms coffee waste into briquettes

Cheeky Campers – upcycles used vehicles and transforms them with re-used and recycled materials into, affordable and sustainable rental camping vans

cloudburst – produces fair and ecologically intelligent products to protect the planet and raise money for charities.

Loop online – an online marketplace for curated, secondhand, sustainable fashion

NOW Care – is developing the first liquid-from-powder soaps to help reduce plastic waste in the bathroom

Nuniq Beauty Sarl – plastic-free, personalized, natural products offering

Ponera Group – Smart modular reusable and digitally-enabled industrial packaging

Reslides – circular + customizable deposit-based sandals for urban + fashionable everyday life

Swapabee – circular economy marketplace with a machine learning matching algorithm that makes swapping things 5 times faster.

Vyn Gmbh – circular Sneaker System dedicated to Longevity by offering premium, self-repairable Sneakers and care products.

Yarn-to-Yarn – brings modern biological textile recycling from science to fashion

Circularity in Packaging, Food & Farming

Algae Natural Switzerland (Exclusive Experience AG) – improves living and eating by providing a safe, cost-efficient and easy method to produce alternative food additives.

Kly – focuses on eliminating resource inefficiencies in global grain production

kraeuterfisch – Organic herbs and vegetables grown without soil in a resource-efficient water cycle with sustainable fish farming.

Mission Mycelium – is bringing industry waste to taste, through mushroom and mycelium based solutions.

oREgami – provides reusable packaging as a service for freshly produced food for a sustainable and enjoyable experience.

Plantark – a new farming system that forms its own ecosystem using several biotechnological methods

The Box – a modular and fully automated home appliance to grow plants.

Voltiris – improves commercial greenhouses energetic efficiency by producing renewable energy without impacting their agricultural yield.

Circularity in Smart Cities, Industry & Procurement

2050 Materials – a digital information and research platform for the AEC industry to source building materials.

Composite Recycling – sustainably recycles composite plastics by separating glass fibers from the resin and produce reusable fibers to make new composites.

Recyclink – a service and platform for companies to improve waste recycling.

Groam – designs foams with an end2life cycle based on a patented foaming technology.

RePan – gives frying pans a second life by recoating them.

REON – A complex digital solution to accelerate circular economy in the construction sector of Switzerland.

Sol-Hair – hair recycling for the production of insulation panels.

WiSort – a smart waste disposal solution for eco-conscious apartment buildings.