CE Accelerator welcomes 26 innovators


A jury from Impact Hub Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich, participating in the initiative “Circular Economy Transition” has identified the 26 projects that will take part in the Circular Economy (CE) Incubator program from January until April 2019.


The CE Incubator enables individuals and startups to prototype and develop innovative solutions for the acceleration of the transition towards Circular Economy in Switzerland. During the program, the selected entrepreneurs work on implementing their solutions and validating their business models, with the support from high-level mentors, experts and a network of impact investors.

The Incubator is part of the initiative “Circular Economy Transition” which aims to accelerate the transition of Switzerland to a Circular Economy. The initiative takes place in four Swiss cities – Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. In close collaboration with all Impact Hubs throughout Switzerland, sanu durabilitas and with the support of MAVA foundation, CE Transition seeks to drive the new paradigm for the future of business, policy-making and society.

The finalists below are categorized according to the impact hub that they will join. 


Nachwachsende Windeln – Compostable diapers that return to the raw material cycle as humus, with lower environmental impact in production and disposal

gmüesgarte – the startup is fighting against food waste by purchasing second option vegetables and fruits from farmers, sells them to clients but also makes salads, soups and smoothies from them.

Bloom – developed a new approach for the production of biorenewable products as a sustainable alternative to fossil-based industries.

Direct Coffee – developed a platform that brings coffee drinkers in contact with coffee producers, together improve the social welfare of the farmers.

Glärnisch Textil – is developing renewable raw materials such as straw from flax and hemp for the textile industry.

Komport – is a safe harbour where every business becomes an experience. Portably designed, the imported excrements are composted.


FlitOut – is reinventing the rental of sports and outdoor gear with a tailored and seamless rental experience.

Keepa – A supply and wash service for food retailers, replacing single-use takeaway containers with a reusable and recyclable alternative.

KONOÏ Cremerie Vegetale – aims to promote health using hemp to design a new generation of products.

La Corde A Linge – developed the Linen Rope, a biodegradable detergent made in Geneva with more than 90% local products.

La Manivelle – is a library for sharing objects and tools.

Le Laboratoire de Souliers – aims to create the first closed-loop platform for the large-scale manufacture of recyclable shoes in Europe.


Bibou'tic – facilitates clothing rental as an alternative to overconsumption and waste

Distri'pots – reusable pots for an ethical, ecological and responsible promotion of local products in short circuits.

Jette pas! – a platform that brings together people who want to repair defective objects with repairers.

RePlastic – the startup transforms plastic waste into new functional or decorative objects

Terrabiom – grows microbes and fungi from organic waste to regenerate the soil and create natural products for agriculture

Trobak – recycles organic waste by creating a trashcan, which removes all current drawbacks, such as bad smell & bugs.



Kolbev – aims to enable on demand recharging of Electric Vehicles delivered to a specific location

Kompotoi – aims to revolutionize the toilet and bring the resulting nutrients back into the natural cycle as fertilizers.

Miniloop – is offering high-quality baby clothes that are also good for the family and environment

Mind the Plastic - encourages food producers to take back their plastic by designing unique and valuable recycled products of their packaging.

sharealook.com – connects and empowers consumers and sustainable brands to create a circular fashion economy starting at the point of re-use.

REMRETEch (Rare Earth Metals Recycling Technologies) – developed a recycling technology for critical metals from secondary resources.

1h2o3 – supplies compact, modular and efficient treatment plants for complex waters made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

LIME – is an ecosystem of regional currencies that favours local sustainable behaviour and allows the emergence of local and regional sustainable business. (RAN)