Carbon Delta is Europe’s BestClimateVenture

The Zurich based startup was yesterday declared the winner of the Climate Kick Venture competition and thereby receiving the title “BestClimateVenture”. The startup received 80,000EUR for growth and scaling up activities.

Climate-KIC yesterday hosted over 300 senior leaders at the Climate Innovation Summit in Frankfurt to provide insights, solutions and contacts that organizations need to take in the transition to a zero carbon economy.

One of the highlights of the event was the awarding of the BestClimateVenture 2016. 15 most successful start-ups with the potential to tackle the current climate issues from various countries across Europe were invited to present their ideas to the public and the judging panel. The jury was most convinced with Carbon Delta’s solution, hence announcing the startup the winner.

Carbon Delta produces research focusing on identifying and analysing the climate change resilience of publicly traded companies. The heart of Carbon Delta’s evaluation system is a model that calculates the Climate Change Value at Risk (Climate VaR) for thousands of companies, where we identify how much a company’s value is possibly affected by climate change. Carbon Delta’s goal is to alert investors of the climate risk profile of companies, uncovering a global risk for the financial system, which until now has been under-evaluated. The start-up sells its analysis to investment firms on a subscription basis.

Following their victory Carbon Delta received 80’000EUR to further scale up its activities. The startup will also become official Partner of the Climate-KIC community as well as have the opportunity to become an integral part of its collaborative innovation network.