Capskin obtains capital to bring footwear to the next level

The Capskin socks contain sensors to provide insights about a foot’s condition inside shoes. To accelerate development and market launch, the startup has obtained fresh funds and support from DART.

Founded in 2020 by Oliver Glauser and Lukas Sommerhalder and supported by a skilled team, Capskin is an early-stage startup developing soft sensors for capturing motion, shape and pressure. Shaped into wearables and coupled with analysis software, the sensors have applications in a wide range of areas. The first product will be a sensor sock with use cases in footwear development, in orthopaedics, in retail, in sports or even in health. The company is currently focusing on the footwear development market to help shoe brands take their products to the next level since there is no adequate method to analyse a foot in motion.

“Footwear is only our first step. Humans are in constant interaction with objects and processes at work, at home and everywhere in between. Even though the objects and processes are meant-to-be-designed for humans, many have shortcomings that often lead to bad experiences, diminished performance and sometimes even health problems. These shortcomings are mostly caused by the lack of suitable, objective data. And that’s where our soft sensors come in: Our soft sensors capture detailed human biomechanical data during interaction everywhere and without inhibiting the wearer. Coupled with powerful data analysis, they will lead to a breakthrough in the understanding of humans and thus real human-centred design,” explained the founders.

Looking ahead, Capskin has obtained investment from DART, the investment arm of DART Labs, the Incubator providing Swiss startups with a platform to test future technologies, get market access and build their network in the United States. DART invests in solutions leading to healthier humans and a healthier planet. In addition to capital. Capskin will benefit from the investors’ support and network to further validate the problem-solution fit, get customer traction and prepare for another funding round.

“We invested in Capskin because we believe the team, with its novel soft sensors and proprietary analysis, has the potential to improve our overall health and wellbeing. Today, with their product sensor sock, they enable foot brands to produce better shoes and empower orthopaedic clinics or can support athletes with training analysis,” as stated by Arijana Walcott, co-founder and CEO of DART Switzerland.

(Press release/RAN)