Bota systems achieves the first milestones at its new headquarters in Zurich


Initially, the Bota Systems team came to Switzerland from Greece to participate in the Kickstart Accelerator program. The startup, which is now offering high performance and cost-effective sensors for robots that interact with humans, is rooted in Zurich with clients across the globe.



The interaction between robots and humans has long become normal as companies seek solutions that can make the interaction work. Access to solutions like sensors, which allow robots to learn their environment to make the interaction realistic is, however, limited to those with enough funds and programming expertise.

Bota Systems is addressing these issues by offering high performance and cost-effective sensors that facilitate the interaction between robotic systems and humans. The company also provides a platform on which anyone without prior programming skills can train. Bota’s solutions can be integrated into any robotic system, such as robotic arms, construction robots, exoskeletons or prosthetic devices, force plates, robotic surgery platforms, and underwater force-sensing. The solution is applicable in both academia for research and in the industry sector, especially in manufacturing and production for quality control and inspection.

From research to a fully operational solution
The development of Bota systems’ solutions began in 2013 when the team, stemming from Greece, participated in the Kickstart (Accelerator) Innovation program in 2016, as affirmed by Klajd Lika, CEO of Bota to Startupticker. At completion, the team embarked on a research journey at the ETH for one year where they further developed their solution and later received support from the Gebert Rüf Stiftung and the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR).

Since March 2020, Bota Systems with a team of 3 fulltime employees, is fully operational with offices in Zurich and 16 clients worldwide including Switzerland, Germany, the UK, US, Belgium, Greece and Australia. "We recently added a large company from North America to our clientele. This will further boost our growth and revenues significantly", revealed Klajd.

While startup benefits from numerous grants and has raised over half a million Swiss Francs so far, it is currently seeking to raise additional funds to proceed to International expansion and accelerate growth. Two new products will launch within the next year.Photo L-R: Marco Hutter, Co-founder, Ilias Patsiaouras, CTO & Co-founder and Klajd Lika, CEO & Founder