Boost for Oxyle’s market entry

Oxyle’s technology for efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment has already attracted global pilot customers. In addition, the ETH Zurich spin-off obtained CHF 3.2M in non-dilutive funding which will be used to accelerate market-entry by upscaling catalyst production, for on-site piloting, product development, and certification of their wastewater treatment technology.

Oxyle has developed several novel nanoporous catalysts that destroy over 95% of a wide variety of toxic micropollutants from wastewater effluents, including the highly persistent compounds that are resistant to existing treatments. The aim is to provide modular, decentralized reactors of varying sizes to meet the treatment needs of its customer segments including chemical industries, pharmaceutical, biotech, and food and beverage companies, hospitals, and research laboratories. In contrast to existing technologies, Oxyle’s green approach is highly efficient, cost competitive, uses clean energy sources, imposes a low carbon footprint, and allows their customers to easily comply with the new stringent discharge regulations.

Since its founding last year, Oxyle has raised over CHF 3 million in non-dilutive funding from several highly competitive grants and awards. Investment comes from the European Commission’s H2020 EIC accelerator program and the Eurostars program as well as SNSF’s and Innosuisse’s BRIDGE PoC grant, ERC PoC grant, Gebert Rüf Stiftung’s Innobooster grant, the Venture Kick program, and Innosuisse.

The proceeds from these funds will be used to accelerate market-entry. “We are very grateful to have received so many highly competitive non-dilutive funds from these esteemed institutions and for all the trust they have put in our vision,” said Dr. Fajer Mushtaq, CEO and Co-founder of Oxyle AG. “With these new investments, we are excited to grow Oxyle and scaleup our operations. Our technology has already garnered significant interest from our global customers allowing us to register revenues from paid pilots. We are determined to build on this momentum and accelerate our market-entry.”

“This financing will help Oxyle conduct more paid pilots on customer sites and gain valuable customer feedback and testimonials,” added Dr. Silvan Staufert, CTO and Co-founder of Oxyle AG. “We are also extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with new customers and provide them with our advanced water treatment technology.”

(Press release / SK)