BOND Mobility acquires data and analytics platform


BOND Mobility has acquired the micromobility data fusion and predictive analytics solution from ETH Zurich spin-off Roll2Go. Co-founder Lukas Ballo will join BOND Mobility as Head of Data Analytics.


BOND Mobility is a premium shared mobility operator that provides e-bikes that go up to 45kph. Founded in Switzerland by Raoul Stöckle, Corinne Vogel, Nick Müller and Horace Dediu in 2016, it has headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and Palo Alto, California. BOND Mobility is operating in numerous European cities and rapidly approaching new cities globally. With owned software and hardware platforms, BOND Mobility provides full-stack services to an increasingly large number of private customers and numerous B2B partners (e.g. Google, Siemens, ETH Zürich, etc). A unique AI-based eet management system and smart user-incentives for rebalancing BOND Mobility's eet are key elements for achieving operational protability and driving exceptional customer satisfaction.

Roll2Go is an ETH spin-off offering data-centric mobility platforms, founded in Switzerland by Dr. Haitao He, Zhenzhen Wang and Lukas Ballo. Roll2Go created a shared micromobility data platform that has helped the Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) to understand the adoption of shared micromobility in Switzerland. It also allowed BOND Mobility to offer incentives to users based on predictive analytics.

Roll2Go’s micromobility data platform has been acquired by BOND Mobility and will become a key part of its data intelligence. Lukas Ballo will join BOND Mobility to be the Head of Data Analytics and Dr. Haitao He will become a Scientific Advisor at BOND. At the same time, Raoul Stöckle will act as a Business Advisor for Roll2Go. This investment strengthens BOND Mobility as a data-driven company, with solid understanding of the underlying mobility elements.

Raoul Stöckle, CEO at BOND Mobility, states: “During this period of economic uncertainty, we are doubling our investment in technology, expanding partnerships and rening our operations. Consistent with this commitment, we have now completed our acquisition of the shared micromobility data platform and talent of Roll2Go. The technology of Roll2Go allows a unique understanding of the mobility market. We are looking forward to welcoming Lukas Ballo and Dr. Haitao He to join our team and continue to further develop the platform at BOND Mobility.”

Lukas Ballo, former Co-Founder Roll2Go AG / Head of Data Analytics at BOND Mobility states: “Emerging mobility services are radically changing the accessibility in urban landscapes. Turning our focus away from private cars will lead to strong changes in the way our cities work. At Roll2Go, we wanted to understand exactly how this will happen and what is needed to make it sustainable. I’m happy to see that our development was fruitful. Thanks to partnering with BOND, our insights will shape the reality in numerous cities around the globe.”

(Press release / SK)