Body Temperature Monitoring Wearable powered by GreenTEG launched


ETH Zurich spin-off GreenTEG and U-Blox have announced the commercial launch of a new venture brand. Named CORE, it comprises a wearable for continuous and accurate core body temperature monitoring targeted at people seeking to return to work safely.


The new wearable device, which communicates wirelessly using the u‑blox NINA-B306 stand-alone Bluetooth 5 low energy module, can be used to track its users’ wellness status as they return to the workplace from their homes, and alerts them when their core body temperature rises unexpectedly.

CORE uses a unique approach developed by GreenTEG to continuously monitor core body temperature with accuracies rivalling those of ingestible sensors. Worn close to the body with a patch or a belt CORE translates sensed data into an estimate of the core body temperature—commonly defined as the temperature of blood as it leaves the heart’s aortic valve—using an algorithm specifically trained for the task.

Ensuring a safe return to work
Initially developed to help athletes avoid overheating when training for and competing in extreme environments, such as ultra-marathons or the Ironman, the solution was repurposed to address new challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Target groups include the general public that is seeking to return to work safely, business owners and patrons concerned with protecting their workforces’ and customers’ wellbeing and individuals in risk groups.

(Press release - ES)