Blueberry Aviation to acquire 200 aircrafts from Dufour Aerospace

Blueberry Aviation becomes a long-term commercial partner of Dufour. Blueberry will acquire 100 Aero2 and 100 Aero3, set up financial tools to fund or lease Dufour products and will support the start-up with marketing advice. Through this collaboration, Dufour Aerospace aims to further develop its customer base, as well as secure transactions with launch customers for Dufour Aero2 and Aero3 products, using Blueberry Aviation’s industry expertise and worldwide network of operators.

Dufour Aerospace, a Switzerland based company with offices in Visp, Zurich and Dübendorf, develops efficient and sustainable aircraft for patient and passenger transport, logistics and public safety. It uses distributed electric propulsion and a hybrid module to be able to meet today's helicopter market and Advanced Air Mobility requirements.

Aero3, the flagship product, can take off and land vertically like a helicopter but flies as fast and as energy efficient as an aeroplane, by virtue of its tilt-wing design. The aircraft is being designed to meet EASA's SC-VTOL (Special Condition for VTOL) standards, making use of a hybrid-electric propulsion system. Aero3 is due to be certification ready in 2025 with an entry into service in 2026.

The other product, Aero2 is an unmanned aerial vehicle based on the same aerodynamic and technical principles as Aero3. The aircraft is due to be certification-ready in 2023 and enter into service in 2024. With unparalleled range and speed, high payload and large access doors, Dufour’s Aero2 and Aero3 offer many assets for operators and end-users seeking efficient and cost-effective sustainable technology.

The newly sealed long-term partnership with Blueberry Aviation, the global commercial aircraft and helicopter specialists, brings marketing advisory and placement support. Blueberry Aviation will be Dufour’s privileged partner for helicopter trade-in and will set up financial tools to fund or lease Dufour products. In addition, Blueberry Aviation will acquire 100 Aero2 and 100 Aero3 products from the startup.

“Over the past few years, we have screened the emerging eVTOL market and carried out an in-depth analysis of the many existing projects based on sustainability, economic and performance criteria. Dufour’s technology and products are unlike any other VTOL project being currently developed,” said Francois Gautier, Blueberry Aviation’s CEO. “The technology is tried and tested and certification for Aero2 is imminent. We are extremely proud to partner with a cutting-edge company like Dufour. Its management team is unique and very driven, and they have surrounded themselves with a team of incredibly skilled professionals with high-end engineering and aviation backgrounds. Our teams are totally on the same wavelength and are very excited to work together.”

(Press release / RAN)