Bloom Diagnostics’ test reaches thousands in a few days

Medtech startup Bloom Diagnostics recently launched its smart COVID test kit in the European Union, which has to-date facilitated thousands of tests. This is, however, not the first fast-test solution in the market. Angelica Kohlmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors informed Startupticker about the uniqueness of the Bloom system and the company’s post Covid19 plans.

The current pandemic has continued to make waves worldwide, causing economic disruptions and increasing uncertainty among companies, both large and small. While some companies wait for the circumstances to recuperate, others including Bloom Diagnostics are on the race to find solutions to address the situation.

The medtech startup recently launched its Bloom System (Bloom Lab) to enable healthcare professionals to conduct COVID-19 antibody testing. The sensitivity and specificity of Bloom’s device are just as high as solutions from big pharma. However, the Bloom system offers unprecedented functionalities such as the ability of the platform to include clinical information, deliver results within only ten minutes and provide anonymously aggregated insights in real-time. “Our biochemical sensitivity is high and augmented by further information added to the pure test result”, said Kohlmann.

Just as exiting fast testing tools, the Bloom system has just surfaced on the market, and one of the reasons for the delayed launch was the prolonged development phase, in which the company was exploring different antibodies to find the right pair that would address the coronavirus. The device is now fully developed, and CE Mark certified for professional use in the European Union. While the company awaits the FDA approval for the US market, its device is already being used in High Complexity labs.

Bloom initially designed its system for end-users; however, due to Covid19, the company has extended its customer segment to include healthcare professionals. So far, a few thousand tests have been conducted using the device. Furthermore, big pharma and CROs are also interested in the system to run clinical trials more efficiently while saving time, costs and obtain earlier insights that may be crucial.

Beyond Covid19 testing
Besides testing for Covid19 antibodies, the Bloom system applies to a broad spectrum of fields. The company is currently focusing on infectious Disease (ISO certified), Female Health, Chronic Disease, Cardio-Vascular Disease and Diabetes. “This is a lot, but we have dedicated teams working on these topics. These teams consist of highly qualified scientists, MDs, software and hardware engineers. Furthermore, our QM and Regulatory teams are always involved from the beginning of development,” explains Kohlmann.

While the company continues to generate revenues through the sale of its device, its mission is to make its Bloom Analytics platform an industry standard for clinical analytics, allowing for the generation of meaningful new insights. Beyond 2021, the company aims to change the way healthcare works today by providing broader and cheaper access to the device globally, thanks to a highly reliable diagnostic system, which offers personalized feedback and links users to therapies and doctors whenever necessary.