Beekeeper secures $10 million in series B extension round


The extension of Beekeeper’s series B round with $10 million led by Chicago-based Energize Ventures brings the round to $60 million. The startup developed the first communication and operations platform for frontline workers. The funds will enable the company to expand its product offering.



Companies across all sectors of the economy have embraced digital collaboration and communication tools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The new paradigm has been particularly impactful for frontline workers, many of which are in essential industries. With this surge of interest from industry experts such as Energize, Beekeeper is creating the future of work for frontline workforces.

Beekeeper developed a mobile platform that enables efficient communication and collaboration for leaders in frontline industries through a scalable, central “digital highway” that can extend across the enterprise. With all communications and tools in one place, teams can improve business agility, productivity and safety as well as resolve issues faster and manage non-routine work more efficiently.

Following the closing of a $45 million round last year, the company has concluded its extended series B round led by Chicago-based Energize Ventures, with investment from HighSage Ventures, SwissCanto Invest, Thayer, Swisscom, Investiere, Alpana Ventures and Swiss Post. The new funds bring the round to $60 million and overall the total funds raised to $86 million since its establishment in 2011.

Beekeeper is using the additional funding to expand its cloud marketplace for apps, solutions, and integrations. The company has also announced a bold new evolution of its product: Beekeeper 2.0. While many companies in this space still focus on reaching frontline workers, Beekeeper goes one step further in digitally enabling them. The updated product creates a single point of contact for people, processes, and systems to improve the productivity, agility, and safety of frontline workers. It eliminates language barriers, halves the time team leads spend coordinating with employees, and makes it easy for every single team member to access the tools and information they need when they need it.

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