Beekeeper launches accelerator program

Building on several successful collaborations with start-ups, Beekeeper has launched an official accelerator program. Start-ups with tools supporting frontline workers can apply now.

In autumn 2021, Beekeeper will move into their new office in Zurich. Here the company will offer space to selected start-ups, as Beekeeper wants to deepen the exchange with them and accompany them with a mentoring programme. Flavio Pfaffhauser, CIO at Beekeeper and initiator of the Accelerator Programme explains: "For years, we have been working with start-ups that support frontline employees with their solutions. Now we are going one step further and are looking for the best start-ups that want to participate in our Beekeeper Accelerator Programme. The key for us is: who solves problems for our customer base in an innovative way and who offers real added value to our customers”.

Start-ups can apply via Beekeeper’s new Frontline Future Innovation competition. This competition will bring together frontline-focused startups to compete before an esteemed panel of judges including Flavio Pfaffhauser, Julian Riebartsch (Digital Tech Fund BTOV), Beekeeper board members Julie Allegro and Philipp Stauffer (FYRFLY), and Juan Muldoon (Energize).

Beekeeper is looking for applications and solutions that support frontline workers in the following areas: Upskilling & Training, Employee Lifecycle Management, Augmented Intelligence, Organisational Health and Automation & Workflows. To apply for the Frontline Future Innovation competition, visit, applications until March 31, 2021.

The winning start-ups will receive a trophy, be named Frontline Future Innovation Award 2021 champion, and get a guaranteed spot in the Beekeeper acceleration program where they will be listed in the Beekeeper Marketplace and engage with over 1,000 companies around the world.

Virtual summit

The pitches and the award ceremony will be part of Frontline Future, a virtual summit dedicated to the frontline workforce. On May 6, 2021, industry leaders from Europe and North America will join Beekeeper for keynote talks, interactive workshops, and in-depth panels to discuss the future of the frontline workforce. Frontline Future will be a one-day global event, exploring the rise of the frontline workforce and how companies can leverage mobile collaboration tools to engage and empower these essential workers. Attendees can join this summit either through a dedicated track—operations, HR, IT, or customer—or customize their conference experience through an à la carte option.

Over 20 start-ups in the Beekeeper Marketplace

More than 1,000 companies in 130 countries currently use the Beekeeper employee platform to enable mobile-enabled collaboration and communication for their frontline employees. They all have access to apps from over 20 start-ups through the Marketplace to make their team collaboration even more effective. One example is Lua from Copenhagen: Lua connects hotel cleaning teams with connected workflows.

"Partnering with Beekeeper and their customers has given us great access to almost a decade of industry knowledge and the opportunity to collaborate with companies. All areas of our start-up, from engineering to sales, have benefited from collaboration with Beekeeper teams around the world," says Hugh O'Flanagan, CEO and co-founder of Lua.

(Press release / SK)