Beekeeper among the fastest growing SaaS companies worldwide


With a growth rate of 28% over the last six months, the Swiss start-up Beekeeper ranks 59th in the SaaS 1000 index. The SaaS 1000 is a list that highlights the top growing Software as a Service (SaaS) companies based on an algorithm that includes hiring trends, growth indicators and number of employees.


The Swiss start-up Beekeeper has been supporting companies in digitizing the workplace of industrial employees since 2012. Now Beekeeper immediately reached 59th place in the SaaS 1000 list. The internationally valid index calculates the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies using an intelligent algorithm. It considers various growth indicators on which the ranking is based, such as the development of the number of employees or HR trends used. Beekeeper has now more than 100 employees and recorded a growth rate of 28% over the last six months.

"Beekeeper's employee app for internal communication and process optimization is revolutionizing the working lives of non-desk employees around the world. The entry into the SaaS list as number 59 of 1000 is a clear sign of continuous growth," says Tom Blue, founder of SaaS 1000, about the first-time presence of the Swiss start-up in the index.

The Saas 1000 tracks a Saas company’s 6-month employee size growth and overall employee size to come up with the ranking. The list includes the larger companies and smaller startups. For now in order to get a ranking a company must have between 40 and 1000 employees. The list is updated quarterly.

(Press release / SK)