BAS members invested a 7-digit amount in start-ups in 2020

Despite the economic turbulence in 2020, members of Business Angels Switzerland have managed to invest over one million Swiss francs in 14 start-ups. The funded companies are developing solutions in the fields of ICT, healthcare, cleantech and deeptech.

Business Angels Switzerland is an association comprising private individuals that are willing to invest time and money in small, newly founded companies with innovative projects. The club consists of approximately 100 members split over two branches, Lausanne and Zurich. Throughout the year, the association organizes pitching events for Swiss start-ups. Since 2016, member have invested CHF 11.8 million in 58 portfolio companies.

Last year, BAS members invested CHF 1’412’000 in 14 start-ups with nine new investments and five follow on rounds. The funded companies are developing solutions in the fields of ICT, healthcare, cleantech and deeptech. Although the total amount invested in 2020 is less than that of previous years, Caroline Gueissaz, General Manager at BAS, acknowledges the BAS members’ continued engagement to support young entrepreneurs.

The highest amount went to Inofea in a follow on round. The company received CHF 237’000 as part of its round that started in December 2019. The total contribution from BAS members amounted to CHF 397’000 by December 2020. Hexisense, Lumendo, Annaida Technologies and Alpine Intuition also received significant contributions ranging between CHF 120’0000 and CHF 180’000.

The start-ups supported by BAS members in 2020 are:

Initial investments:

Ebakus – is a next-generation blockchain that enables decentralized applications to reach mass adoption.

Swiss Ocean Tech GmbH (CHF 950’000) – aims to create the first solution for the safe anchoring for any ship/vessel.

Annaida Technologies – develops high tech solutions to tackle low success rates in In Vitro Fertilization.

Hexisense – is developing a semiconductor chip to detect gas leaks in vacuum environments.

BEO Therapeutics – develops oral microbiome therapies that counteract diseases caused by modern lifestyles such as gouty arthritis, hypertension, NASH and chronic kidney disease.

Invasight – discovers and designs novel drugs against specific proteins that cause cancer cell invasion.

Alpine Intuition – helps companies to deploy Artificial Intelligence algorithm on the cloud within minutes

Lumendo AG – is developing the next generation of injectable surgical fillers that solidify inside the body using light illumination. One of its products is EndoFill, a novel and patented root canal treatment device. (Germany) – enables customers to find perfectly fitting shoes digitally and vendors to reduce their return rates.

Follow on rounds:

Largo Films SA – is developing new models for the movie industry with its cutting-edge technologies enabling data-driven moviemaking and

Spentys (Belgium) – provides a 3D printing platform for orthopaedic medical devices to enable clinicians to scan-model-print orthotics faster and at lower costs.

BioVersys AG – developing small molecules for multidrug-resistant bacterial infections with applications in Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and targeted microbiome modulation

INOFEA GmbH – is developing a nanotechnology platform to protect enzymes and enhance them with new properties.

SMIXIN – offers a digital hand-washing system that reduces water consumption by 90%, thanks to optimal dosing, metering and mixing of soap and water.