BAS member’s double the number of startups invested in


The number of startups receiving funds from members of Business Angels Switzerland has more than doubled since last year. From only 7 startups in 2016, the number has grown to 16 during with a total of more than CHF 2.6 million in 2017.


Different volumes and types of investments including convertible loans and financing rounds were invested in startups from different fields ranging from healthcare, medtech and biotech to communication, hospitality, consumer products and interdisciplinary fields.

During the course of the year, different financing rounds have been announced on Startupticker. In addition to the announced investment in startups like Actlight, Algrano, Bioversys, Getlocal, Inofea, Lambda Health Systems, Procsea, BAS members have made further investments in startups that are already existing in their 2016 portfolio such as in Piavita, Gymhopper, Goodwall.

The newly announced startups benefiting from BAS investments include:

Domo Safety – developed a device detects behavioural patterns of the elderly. The device notifies health care professionals or family members in cases of emergency.

Share a dream – communication platform dedicated to connecting people to local NGOs to increase social awareness and allow anybody to make a direct impact. The platform allows individuals to browse through different projects they wish to participate in.

Ukonect – developed an app that allows company and association members of multinational companies to connect and meet face-to-face regardless of where they are. The goal is to break professional isolation.

Velohub – Known by their brand name Blinkrs, the startup developed a set of smart lights that indicate the direction of the cyclist is going. The combination of LED, laser lights, front and rear turning indicators, brakelight, Blinkrs allows for improved safety of urban cyclists on the road.

BAS follows the business angel club model: Given that BAS is neither an investment fund nor a holding company, it is not involved in any of its members’ investments. The decision to invest in certain startups is solely made by the members. This year the BAS has conducted an intensive research on where its members have invested. This is why the report has shown an increase in the number of investments.