Baloise capitalises on artificial intelligence for marketing


The insurance company Baloise is taking a step towards digital transformation. The company has entered a partnership with startup Veezoo, to develop artificial intelligence solution based on Veezoo’s software to boost its sales.


Following the successful proof of concept with AXA Winterthur, Veezoo, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology providing in artificial intelligence based solutions, has now won the insurance company Baloise

Baloise is intensifying its search for investment opportunities and partnerships as part of its five-year Simply Safe strategy, to drive forward digital transformation at the company. Collaborating with Veezoo, the company comes closer to achieving its objectives. Over the coming months, Baloise will trial Veezoo’s software using its own sales data and with the involvement of all sales-focused departments.

Veezoo developed the first conversational artificial intelligence solution for businesses. It can analyse and visualise large data volumes in seconds, and uses the results to facilitate fact-based, data-driven decision-making. It works through a simple input field where a question can be entered and results are generated based on the available data.

“We were impressed by the speed at which data is acquired, by the support this provides for data-driven decisions and by the efficiency gains made, and as a result we entered into a partnership with this promising business start-up. By working with Veezoo, we can expand our knowledge and try things out on a small scale,” says Torsten Warnecke, market positioning project manager in the market management department.

“Our partnership with Veezoo is very well structured and stimulating. The new ideas and technologies are challenging us, and we have to constantly ask ourselves how we can become more efficient and therefore more customer-friendly,” says Cyrille Schaffter, project manager in the sales systems department at Baloise.

The partnership will increase process efficiency, provide clearly visualised, data-driven answers to support employee decisions, and free up time that can be diverted to other work. Baloise hopes that the partnership will bring a range of improvements in the long term. Through faster, data-driven decisions, the company aims to create better marketing campaigns, increase efficiency in its sales organisation and spend less time and effort on creating reports and, ultimately, improve its customer service.

(Press release)