aventura.aero AG accelerates time to market

Swiss-based startup aventura.aero AG has obtained a six-digit amount from Swiss investors in its second financing round. The start-up is building a multi-purpose aerial platform to bridge the gap between conventional drones and helicopters. Application areas include surveillance, disaster relief, and transport air services of personnel and goods.

The use of helicopters in rural areas and developing nations is hindered by the helicopters’ complexity, costly maintenance and high fuel consumption. Alternative drones, however, usually only perform a single, predefined task and are restricted by the assigned air space for drones, their short-range and light payload capacity. Both types of aircraft depend on communication and logistic infrastructure, what in many regions is not available, can be unreliable or destroyed for instance by a natural disaster.

Since its foundation in 2015, aventura.aero AG has tailored an eco-friendly and affordable solution for this market gap. Their multi-purpose aerial platform is engineered from scratch for smooth integration of mission-specific payloads, can fly up to 6 hours and is simple to service, even in field conditions. It is made to withstand harsh environmental conditions in mountains, deserts or the tropics. Its powerful multi-fuel engine outcompetes aircrafts that are only made for leisure flying.

Thanks to the modular design and payloads according to the customers’ need, the multi-purpose aerial platform is suitable for a wide range of applications: surveillance with high-tech equipment, critical delivery of medical supply in temperature-controlled boxes, 3D-geo-sensing or transport of urgent goods to remote sites. Private pilots can enjoy a superb panoramic view and go for a long adventure trip thanks to the payload capacity of two big backpacks – unique for an ultralight aircraft. The tough undercarriage is designed for ultra-short take-offs and landings on nearly any beach or improvised landing site.

Permit to Fly and new capital obtained
Early this year, the company obtained the Permit to fly from the German authorities. Moreover, the company has won an InnoSuisse project worth 0.5 million to develop and further enhance its hybrid power system reducing take-off distances and noise emissions at the start. The startup also benefits from the InnoSuisse coaching program.

The startup has also closed the second funding round in which a six-digit amount from Swiss investors was raised. These funds will allow the company e.g. to satisfy a customer’s wish of a closed canopy option and to attract investors for further expansion.

The Zurich-based startup has also qualified for the Academic Industry Training program India (AIT). This will enable it to get in touch with potential clients to forge collaborations. According to Daniel Y. Spring, CEO and founder, “India’s first responders, park rangers or security forces shall benefit. We intend to expand our network, learn and explore the market. We are already in discussion with a potential customer for powerline monitoring.” LOI and product launchDespite the fact of three-digit Letter of Intent by Asian authorities and B2B/GOV-interest from Brazil, the Middle East and various African countries, aventura.aero AG wants to launch first its multi-purpose aerial platform in Europe within the next 12 to 18 months.