Auxivo launches its LiftSuit on the market


The Zurich based startup and ETH Spin-Off Auxivo AG developed a light wearable support system called LiftSuit to support workers who regularly lift and carry heavy loads. Following the closing of its seed round, the company has launched LiftSuit in the market with customers including Swissport International.



Auxivo AG was established in 2019 by Volker Bartenbach (CEO) and his co-founders Michael Stucky and Roger Gassert to reduce the workload of workers that carry or lift heavy loads. The startup developed its flagship product LiftSuit, a lightweight, practical wearable exoskeleton that supports workers in executing demanding tasks. It acts as a set of additional, external muscle to unload the back and hip muscles while lifting as well as working in a forward-leaning position. It also has integrated textile springs that store energy used to support the user.

The uniqueness of LiftSuit lies in its design, as revealed by Bartenbach who also holds a PhD in exoskeleton robotics from ETH Zurich. “We developed the product together with the users, which enabled us to focus on their exact needs. As a result, we eliminated nonessential features to create an easy-to-use, minimalistic, and efficient product,” said Bartenbach to Startupticker.

The company has now launched the LiftSuit on the market with customers including Swissport International and several others from the logistics and distribution sectors. The company plans to bring the LiftSuit into Health care and other markets in the near future.

Seed round enables product launch
This milestone comes after Auxivo closed its seed round early this year led by SpanSet Inter AG, which also supports the startup as a strategic investor. Additional contributions came from Venture Kick and private investors. The seed capital allowed Auxivo to finalise its product and bring it on the market. Besides the seed round, Auxivo received funding support from ETH Foundation, Innosuisse and SNSF as part of the BRIDGE Proof of Concept program and pre-revenues from its customer.

In the next phase, Auxivo and its team of around ten employees aim to increase market sales of its newly launched product while they develop the next generation of products, and plan the future funding round.