AstraZeneca enters close collaboration with hemotune

Schlieren-based MedTech company hemotune AG, known for its magnetic blood purification platform, announces a joint feasibility project with the global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. For hemotune CEO Lukas Langenegger the project confirms the achievements of hemotune as well as the need the start-up addresses with its platform.

The feasibility project is based on the HemoSystem, a therapeutic blood purification platform under development by hemotune which is designed for selective and efficient removal of large biomolecules directly from blood. Magnetic beads are introduced to an extracorporeal circuit similar to a dialysis machine. While flowing with the blood, they bind to target compounds through specific binders on their surface. Before the blood is returned to the patient, beads and bound targets are highly efficiently removed in a magnetic filter.

Lukas Langenegger, hemotune’s CEO and Co-Founder states: “In the last years we have put a lot of effort in developing our technology consisting of the device, disposable and magnetic beads platform. We are very happy to work closely with one of the leading global pharma companies to explore applications of the HemoSystem. For me, the collaboration is an important step as it builds on our previous development of the HemoSystem and confirms on the one hand the development status and on the other hand the need and application possibilities for our technology.” Further details of the collaboration were not disclosed.

Hemotune was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the ETH Zurich. A year ago the company closed a Series B1 round of CHF 7.25 million. The first therapy under development is designed to restore adequate immune response in sepsis-associated immunosuppression. Sepsis is an underserved global health issue leading to around 11 million deaths every year and being one of the most expensive conditions.

(Press release / SK)
Picture: hemotune