Arca24 present throughout Switzerland


Ticino-based Arca24 develops HR software. In December, the company opened offices in Zurich and Geneva. The expansion step mark the beginning of a planned growth phase.


Arca24 develops Human Capital Management software solutions and staffing CRM software that improve recruitment and personnel assessment. The software solutions work on an integrated semantic engine and help saving time during the hiring process as well as improving the quality of data management. The technology includes a geolocation service for applicants, a multiposting feature, a skill matching intelligence for automatic CV screening, tool for candidates’ profiles sharing, activity tracking, automated video interviews as well as language proficiency tests and a soft skill test for applicant selection. In addition, Arca24 develops a chatbot tool for job interviews. “CB1-18“ is a computer program able to interact with applicants and to conduct a job interview automatically through use of Artificial Intelligence and semantic rules. The EU research program Horizon 2020 supports the development.

In December, Arca24 opened offices in Geneva and Zurich. The Zurich office is at Aczenta, an internationally renowned company offering professional support in all areas of HR management.

According to an Arca24 announcement, the new offices are only the first steps on Arca24's strong growth path. The goal is to be an innovative company in the field of HR technologies and to gain worldwide recognition.(Press release / SK)