Apple relies on Swiss technology

The technology of the Swiss start-up Faceshift, which Apple bought two years ago, plays an important role in the new iPhone X. TechCrunch reports about Teralytics, another spin-off from ETH Zurich. Climeworks’ world-changing machine is featured by Bloomberg. And The Next Web explains why you need to pay attention to Switzerland as a startup nation. Our start-up press review. 

Mashable:iPhone X face scanners create 3D emojis based on your expressions

When you smile, frown, or sneer at the iPhone X, the phone’s facial sensors can create expressive 3D emojis that mimic your very own face. These face-mimicking emojis, while an attractive feature, shouldn't be too great a surprise. Apple has been acquiring facial recognition technology for years, including Faceshift.

Techcrunch:Teralytics wants to tap telcos’ big data to help cities get smarter about Uber and Lyft

Google, Facebook or WeChat aren’t generally in the business of sharing their data holdings to help others — unless you want to pay them to target digital advertising on your behalf. Which is where Atomico-backed startup Teralytics spies its own big data opportunity.

Bloomberg:The Climate Engineers Sucking CO₂ From the Atmosphere—and Making Money Doing It

Chris Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher turned a college project into a world-changing machine.

The Next Web:Why you need to pay attention to Switzerland as a startup nation

When it comes to startups, everything is in place in Switzerland to create home-runs; mind-blowing technology, leading research facilities and a track record of some of the sharpest minds in the world.