Apiax mingles with London fintech startups


Apiax is one of the 20 fintech startups selected to join the eighth cohort of the Accenture Finetch Innovation Lab in London. In addition to joining the leading fintech hub, the regtech startup will leverage Accenture's broad network to enhance its solution.


Through a combination of comprehensive legal and compliance expertise with state-of-the-art technology users, Apiax developed a platform that allows users to transform complex financial regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules. The solution is best suited for the open-banking and API-economy. Apiax employs 30 experienced professionals in its offices in Zurich, London, and Lisbon. As a pioneer in the Regtech field, Apiax's outstanding solution has attracted clients across the globe, received investment, won numerous accolades which have given the company significant visibility worldwide. Apiax part of Accenture's Lab Most recently, the startup was selected to join the eighth cohort of Accenture's FinTech Innovation Lab London from 6th January to 27th March. As part of the three-month program, the 20 participants will partner with senior executives from over 40 financial institutions as mentors to further develop and enhance their business models and technologies. Additionally, the startups will get the opportunity to present to venture capitalists and financial executives at the Graduation day.(RAN)