Antefil Composites wins the Spark Award 2021

Sustainable and micro-engineered hybrid fibres for composites founded by Antefil Composite Tech are a promising invention from ETH Zurich. The jury of the Spark Award recognised the team’s works with a trophy, making them the tenth winner of the competition.

In 2019, Christoph Schneeberger, Nicole Aegerter and Paolo Ermanni joined hands and expertise to establish Antefil Composite Tech. Their mission: to revolutionise the global composites manufacturing industry with cost-effective, energy-efficient, patented and high-quality textiles made from hybrid fibres. The ETH Zurich startup achieves this by combining reinforcing filaments with a thermoplastic matrix material before processing them into textiles and structures. The filaments are applicable in various fields and industries including automotive, aerospace, pipes and wind turbine blades, and sports and leisure equipment.

While the startup continues to enhance its solution to accelerate market entry, it has impressing juries of various support programs and won prizes. After being selected for the Innobooster program and stage two venture Kick, Schneeberger has also completed his Pioneer Fellowship program- He is now well braced to take his startup to the next level.

With, Antefil Composites Schneeberger and his team have won the 10th edition of the Spark Award for their novel process for producing sustainable composite materials. Organised by ETH Zurich, the competition recognises scientists from ETH Zurich with the most promising invention that resulted in a patent application in the past year. The criteria for the evaluation is originality, patent strength and market potential.

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