Antavi to be implemented at the Octoberfest in Munich

Antavi, a Zurich based software startup offering solutions for crowd management at large scale events, announced that its solution will be implemented at the Octoberfest in Munich as part of their collaboration with PwC Munich. Antavi’s solution allows safety personnel to enhance security during the event period.

Founded in 2015 antavi offers a web-based software solution which enables better crowd management and team communication among crowd and event managers as well as safety personnel. The solution consists of a web-based command, communication and control application, and a smartphone app which allows users to communicate efficiently among each other, capture incidents or dispatch warnings on a map for fastest response.

Additionally, antavi offers a crowd sensing solution for large scale city-wide events with complex visitor flows which allows users analyse crowd dynamics in real-time. Crowd sensing is based on the antaviSDK which can be easily integrated into event apps. Using a variety of sensors it captures and pre-aggregates the location and activity of users and transmits in configurable intervals to the antaviCloud. This allows clients to dispatch field units on demand, capture the situation for reporting and dispose personnel as efficiently as possible, hence increased safety at a lower cost. Crowd sensing was developed together with researchers at ETH Zürich and practitioners.

In Switzerland, antavi has already been used several events including Züri Fäscht which hosts more than 2 Million visitors, SRF Bewegt, and has a strong presence at other events in Zürich and Lucerne. Roland Stahel, CEO, Zürcher Events commented on the crowd behaviour analytics “Based on the analysis of the crowd behaviour during the Züri Fäsch, we have been able to remove hotspots and achieve a safer event.” The City Police in Zurich also delivered positive feedback with the antavi’s solution. “Using the central operation and controlling solution, we were able to quickly inform visitors through app and public displays about the current situation and dispatch safety relevant alerts increasing the safety of the event”, said Adrian Zemp, Head of crowd management at City Police Zurich. After the successful implementation of the solution at the Swiss events antavi is now taking on events from abroad. 

Antavi is one of the Swiss start-ups selected for this year's Kickstart Accelerator programm in the smart cities vertical. During the 11-week program, the founders will further develop their solution and forge partnerships. At the Kickstart Accelerator opening event last week, antavi announced that, this year, its solution will be used at the Octoberfest in Munich in partnership with PWC Munich.

Sebastian Feese, cofounder and partner of antavi said: “It is an honour that our solution will be used at such a large event. The Octoberfest is known worldwide and therefore is a fantastic reference case for us. As part of a startup-corporate collaboration with PwC Munich, it makes us proud to be selected as partner for such an event. I am excited about this opportunity for it opens doors for further opportunities for us in Germany and abroad.”

Antavi will not only stop at the Octoberfest in Germany; it is targeting the D/A/CH region. Currently, the founders are holding discussions with stakeholders from some of the largest events in Germany and Austria.

Picture: Pexels/Pixabay