Andermatt Swiss Alps hires a digital concierge

Enterprise Bot’s Uela is a conversational AI chatbot designed to act as a single touchpoint for customers, allowing them to plan their trip and get recommendations. The AI-powered assistant is now available to holiday resort group Andermatt Swiss Alps AG.

Enterprise Bot is an AI platform that utilises machine learning to power conversational chatbots, email and voice bots to manage customer service queries and provide efficient, responsive client support. Each bot can be customised to suit specific clients’ needs. With a team of 50 people between Zurich, Switzerland and Bangalore, India, the startup already serves approximately 20 clients in the sectors of finance, transportation and e-commerce.

Just recently, the startup announced the launch of Uela, the first AI-powered concierge bot for Andermatt Swiss Alps AG (ASA). Uela will act as a digital concierge and guide throughout the customer journey, from the early stages of at-home planning, offering travel suggestions, recommending restaurants, activities and even assisting with weather predictions for the entire region. As the rollout of Uela continues, the digital concierge will also provide actionable services like ski equipment and services rental, restaurants, and hotel reservations. The chatbot is accessible through most smart devices.

The Andermatt region is one of Switzerland’s most popular holiday destinations, renowned for its ski slopes and panoramic mountain views. Should the rollout of its concierge service prove successful, Enterprise Bot hopes to introduce it to leading resorts across the world.

“We hope the launch of our concierge bot will transform the hospitality industry, which has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Through Uela, we see the making of one of the most integrated virtual agents on the market, one that can help consumers with everything their trip away encompasses. We are extremely proud to see the launch of our concierge bot. We hope to share the vision of ASA and its chairman Samih Sawiris of ensuring each visitor receives personalised service and 24/7 attention”, said Pranay Jain, Co-founder and CEO of Enterprise Bot.

“I have already seen how efficiently the AI solutions of Enterprise Bot can provide results to customers within seconds and can significantly reduce the time of researching and finding information on different products and questions. In our case, the information is located on different websites; with the chatbot, we are providing all information in one place that is accessible from anywhere, including smartphones”, said Thomas Landis, Chief Digital Officer.