Anavo Medical awarded with Swiss Nanotechnology Start-Up Prize

Anavo Medical’s nanoparticle paste boosts wound closure, keeps bacterial infections in check and tissue alive. This week, the Zurich based company won the start-up award at the Swiss NanoConvention 2021.

After 2018, this year the Swiss MNT Network organised for the second time a competition between Start-ups in Nanotechnology at the Swiss NanoConvention 2021. A committee of the Swiss MNT Network selected the finalists who pitched online to the audience at the start-up session of the Swiss NanoConvention. Anavo Medical convinced the audience and took home the award and CHF10,000 prize money.

Anavo Medical applies nanotechnology to the field of wound healing. Poorly healing wounds are a massive burden on patients, healthcare systems and the economy. ETH Zurich spin-off anavo has developed an approach that is radically different from existing solutions by harnessing the wound-healing power of low-cost inorganic hybrid materials that can be manufactured on a large scale. Their prototypes not only adhere strongly to tissue and stop bleeding, but also have additional antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerative properties.