Anapaya attracts European Telecom & ICT provider as partner

SCiON technology combines the openness and flexibility of Internet with the security and resilience of a private network and has already raised the standards of the interbanking communication network in Switzerland. Through a collaboration with SCiON provider Anapaya, Telindus, a major B2B Telecom & ICT provider will connect Luxembourg to the global SCiON-network.

ETH Zürich developed SCiON technology (Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks), enables sensitive data to be safely exchanged within an ecosystem of multiple networks. Users also have complete control over their data integrity by keeping connections within chosen jurisdictions. In this way, SCiON has raised the standards of the interbanking communication network in Switzerland and proven to be superior to the internet in terms of flexibility, reliability and functionality.

Building on its extensive expertise in the field of connectivity, Telindus will establish the first connections in Luxembourg to the global SCiON Internet with the support of Anapaya. Furthermore, through this collaboration, Financial Institutions in both Luxembourg and Switzerland will now be able to interconnect using SCiON, the same technology powering the new Swiss Financial Network (SSFN).

“This collaboration will put Luxembourg on the global map of Anapaya’s SCiON-enabled network so that our customers can control their sensitive and confidential data communications,” says Proximus Luxembourg - Telindus CEO Gérard Hoffmann. “We’re very proud to be part of the future of connectivity.”

“This strategic collaboration with Telindus is a great milestone for us, as we continue to expand our network capabilities outside of Switzerland and better serve our internationally-active customers in the financial industry.” says Anapaya CEO Martin Bosshardt.

(Press release / SK)