A financing round and new faces to bring Nanoleq to the next stage

Nanoleq’s Vital Shirt is ready for the market. It is the first modern, comfortable and meaningful health-monitoring textile shirt providing a continuous ECG and measuring the heart rate. For the next steps Nanoleq secured support from investors and industry insiders such as the CEO of Mammut Group and the former CEO of HERE.

Up to now fabrics that integrate electronic components to provide different functions such as heating, cooling, electrical stimulation or biosignal monitoring never really felt & looked good. The products were bulky, not comfortable nor washable. Nanoleq changes this by bringing modern, comfortable and washable health-monitoring textiles to the market. The team managed to make electronics stretchable, comfortable and washable to unlock the foundation for such a market.

Since their product in launch in 2020, Nanoleq has been already selling to dozens of various customers and integrating the technology for several applications, such as electrostimulation garments for sports and medical use, as well as health monitoring garments for sportswear and workwear applications. In the recent months, they have received growing interest from larger brands in the sportswear space to bring their groundbreaking sensors to various garment products.

The company has now launched a fully patented solution to monitor the Electrocardiogram (ECG), heartbeat and heart rate variability embedded in apparel called the Vital Shirt. The key elements are the improved wear, comfort, high washability and seamless integration. Once connected to a device, one can continuously display ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, speed and GPS location. The product is now offered to textile brands and will soon be available in stores and retailers.

Financing round closed

To support their growth efforts Nanoleq recently closed an investment with their original investors and supporters, together with new experienced investors from the electronics / software and textile industries including Michael Halbherr and Oliver Pabst and also with the U.S. venture fund Joyance Partners.

Michael Halbherr worked several years as a manager at the Boston Consulting Group, as a member of the Nokia Leadership Team and as a CEO of HERE, the world’s largest mapping company. In addition, he founded and co-founded several successful start-ups, Halbherr explains: “I decided to become an investor and board member, because I am convinced that Nanoleq has potential to lead a biofeedback revolution, helping people to acquire real life-improving habits.”

Oliver Pabst, the CEO of Mammut Group, adds: “For years, I have been looking into many different solutions but did not find proper applications for hundreds of use cases out there. That has changed. With the Vital Shirt the Nanoleq team is shaping a new era in health monitoring textiles.”

Nanoleq is now scaling-up production capabilities to meet the customer demands and orders planned. The company will move to a larger space in the Zurich area and started acquiring several machines to automate the production in the next months. Besides, very experienced and talented individuals coming from different industries (e.g. electronics, software and textiles) have been onboarded among them a new CTO who has worked as the director R&D of Polar Switzerland but also at Swatch and Scubapro.

(Press release / SK)