Alpine luxury brand strengthens presence in North America

Whether in Zermatt, Chamonix, Banff, Aspen or Vail, customers embrace Capranea, the alpine fashion luxury brand. The company has secured a strategic private investment to drive global expansion. As part of the agreement, Capranea selected Progression Brands Group to be its global operating partner to strengthen its presence in North America.

Born in Grau­bünden, Capranea is a skiwear luxury brand founded by Marc Haensli whose mission was to develop functional and refined products that embody the alpine spirit. Thanks to technically functional materials, composites and design, the company invented its products to suit both «urban lifestyle» and «refined skiwear» allowing customers to transition from the mountain to the city streets seamlessly.

Available in 48 stores, the company has built a best-in-class retail network with iconic luxury retailers. Its products are prevalent on the streets of Zurich and Geneva, or the slopes of Zermatt, Chamonix, Banff, Aspen and Vail.

Investment to bolster global expansion
The company is now on the mission to expand its reach to more countries and continents. The new strategic investment will allow the company to focus on growing its lifestyle brand while enhancing its presence throughout the North American market. As part of the new deal, the company entered a strategic partnership with Progression Brands Group (PBG) to serve as its global operating partner. PGB partners with emerging brands that focus on living an active lifestyle. With showrooms and offices across North America and Europe, PBG’s fully integrated operating verticals provide comprehensive and customised solutions based on the brand’s specific needs. 

“For years, retailers and consumers have been eager for freshness in alpine luxury as past category leaders have mistreated their brands and their relationships. Capranea is perfectly positioned to remind everyone what it means to wear and trade with a brand that has strong core values and a commitment to product excellence,” said Ian Widmer, President and CEO of Progression Brands Group.

Change of roles at Capranea
Through its partnership with PBG, Capranea has restructured the executive team and appointed long-time fashion and outdoor industry veterans to support Marc Haensli to take on the newly created role of Chief Brand Officer. Ian Widmer will join as Capranea CEO, Tobin Briggs will lead Operations. Paul Phillips will lead Marketing, with Clark Gundlach and Paul Silvertown serving as Senior Advisors influencing all areas of the business. 

“I have spent the past 12 years building a brand I am very proud of,” said Marc Haensli, Founder of Capranea, “With this new investment, I am excited to work alongside the PBG team as we take our message of design, quality, and love of the Swiss Alps to the rest of the world.”

(Press release/RAN)