Almer Technologies begins series production of its augmented reality glasses

Zurich-based Almer Technologies is reimagining remote assistance for industrial workers through its augmented reality glasses. With first customer deals signed, the startup has started the series production of the first 200 units.

Almer Technologies' solution aims to help field experts to remotely orchestrate activities with frontline workers at different plants worldwide. In challenging times such as the pandemic, travel restrictions resulted in longer downtimes, thus high costs when machines broke down or required particular attention. Sebastian Beetschen, founder of Almer Technologies identified the gap and together with his team, they have developed smart Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to facilitate communication between experts and frontline workers.

The AR glasses are embodied with built-in cameras allowing the experts to communicate with frontline workers or specialists and observe what they are doing in real time. While receiving technical support, machine workers can also operate hands-free while wearing the glasses. Besides remote maintenance, companies can use the glasses for remote damage assessment, remote training, remote commissioning, medical support, worker guidance, route optimisation in warehouses and much more.

Pilot projects with companies in the machine industry delivered positive results. Huber+Suhner for instance was able to reduce foreign flights of its application engineers by 50%. Loepfe, SFS, Gilgen Logistics, Helbling, Trüetzschle also found direct use cases using the smart glasses. Jürg Schneider, Head of Sales and Customer Service at Loepfe, one of the first recipients of the Almer AR glasses said: "The user-friendliness of the Almer glasses is a very valuable advantage for us and our partners. It enables us to offer our services faster anywhere in the world and strengthens the recognition value of the Loepfe brand.”

Following the successful collaborations, Almer has won the majority of its pilot partners as customers. They have signed contracts, allowing the startup to start off its production phase. Until December, Almer will produce and ship the first 200 units to its customers. The next series of production will begin in the first quarter of 2023.