AI startup aspaara raises CHF 2 million to boost human-centric workforce management

Led by Wingman Ventures, aspaara’s financing round will enable the startup to revolutionise ERP to prepare their clients for the future of work. The startup offers a holistic Artificial Intelligence platform that increases workforce utilisation by up 12% in a human-centric way by respecting individual preferences. The funds will flow into enhancing the software and expansion plans.

Dynamic workforce allocation is still a continuous struggle, particularly for industries with high peak demand. Due to the daily planning complexity, 3 out of 100 full-time equivalents are lost because of poor allocation with traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Zurich-based startup aspaara addresses this challenge with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) MatchingCore cloud platform that optimises resource planning and enables the creation of internal talent marketplaces. The agnostic optimisation engine integrates into the client’s IT infrastructure and analyses their planning data to deliver optimisation insights directly to the planners.Talents can also tailor their schedules and career pathways using an AI matchmaking system that automatically identifies open work opportunities quickly.

Multiple industry leaders in the professional services, aircraft operations, automotive and healthcare sectors use the solution, with companies such as PwC, AMAG, Swissport and KSB spearheading the ERP transformation in their industries. Customers have eliminated over six percent of incorrectly allocated labour costs, halved the time needed for planning, and reduced travel costs by nearly half.

Wingman Ventures led aspaara’s first financing round, joined by Gentian and experienced business angels. “Workforce management is a $6 billion market that will significantly grow in the coming years. aspaara offers a state-of-the-art solution that enables workforce planners to tackle the ever-increasing complexity and efficiency requirements in workforce planning,” said Lukas Weder, Founding Partner at Wingman Ventures and a new member of the board at aspaara.

With the secured CHF 2 million investment, aspaara is set for the next phase. The proceeds will enable the team to enhance its commercial software further and expand its business operations beyond Switzerland. Previously, co-founders Alexander Grimm and Kevin Zemmer, had received support from the Federal Government of Switzerland to promote science-based innovation in the interest of business and society.

(Press release/RAN)