AgriFood startups get a glimpse into doing business in Israel

The 4th edition of the Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad will take place between April and June with 12 early-stage AgriFood startups. The 10-week program includes an online program with weekly or bi-weekly meetings, an in-person meeting in Switzerland and a one-week visit to Israel.

The Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse, is supporting 12 startups to participate in the upcoming Swiss/Israel Lean Launchpad. Organised by the Embassy of Switzerland in Israel and Israeli innovation consultants, the 10-week hybrid startup exchange program gives startups access to Israel’s startup culture, a tailor-made training schedule with personal mentoring sessions to meet their needs, and first-hand insight into the toolbox of Israeli entrepreneurs, including mastering their storytelling and pitching style. During the program, they will meet and connect with Israeli entrepreneurs, leaders and partners relevant to their startup industry.

The selected start-ups are:

ProDecipher – is developing a blockchain-powered ERP System, the ProSOS, built around sustainability claims for entire supply chains.

Fruitful Farming – offers an artificial Intelligence-based platform to enable agronomists in greenhouses and vertical farms to monitor environment data (pH, EC, DO, light, climate, and more) and plant growth in real-time. 

Upgrain – transforms barley grains from the brewing process into valuable raw materials and uses them to produce protein and fiber products for a wide variety of applications in the food industry.

B'ZEOS  – uses seaweed as a feedstock to create novel bio-based and fully home-compostable single-use packaging.

Agilery – provides contract manufacturing solutions for all food and beverage product categories at any given volume scale.       

Avea – offers effective, science-backed supplements comprising bioavailable ingredients that target ageing on the cellular level to optimize health and lifespan.

BeeHelpful – developed PrimalBee, a patented beehive management system, the first hive to address the direct relationship of honeybee population, colony development, honey production, and colony diseases to the thermodynamic features of the hive.

sallea – the ETH Zurich startup is developing novel, highly porous, three-dimensional structures, so-called scaffolds, made from biomaterials to allow the cultivation of (muscle) tissue such as meat in the laboratory.

SmartBreed - enables zoos, farms and food manufacturers to breed their own protein-rich grasshoppers using its patented and automated grasshopper breeding boxes.

Umami - produces over 20 sorts of Microgreens in an ecosystem that includes cichlids, shrimp, fungi, and countless small animals and microorganisms.

Catchfree – aiming to enable the production of shrimps from plants, the ETH spinoff is developing a process that allows for the mass production of the beloved seafood.

SERA Intelligence - by combining horticulture expertise with advanced data analytics expertise, SERA formulates and executes the best cultivation strategy for crops, thereby helping growers to take the most out of their greenhouse potential.