Aerotain launches a mini version of its flying drones



ETH Spinoff Aerotain has achieved positive results and fascinated thousands of people with its flying balloon-like drone system. Having delivered at over 90 events, Aerotain has now launched Aerotain Mini. The new drone system is four times smaller than the previous system, making it suitable for rooms with low ceilings.



Aerotain revolutionized the drone industry with their entertainment drones. Since 2016, the Zurich based Aerotain has been dedicated to creating memorable experiences for people at different events while enabling event organizers to engage with their customers, thanks to their aero drone, Skye.

Designed for entertainment purposes at concerts, trade fairs, sports events or conferences, Skye is equipped with a camera and is embodied with a helium-filled polyester balloon to enable it to fly over the crowd. It is used to shoot photos (including selfies) and live videos of the audience from an aerial view as well as to entertain spectators. While in flight, the balloon can be safely touched. It is customizable by the event organizer and offers advertisement opportunities for event sponsors.

To-date, the startup has offered Skye at over 90 events in the home market and worldwide in countries including Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, among others. One of the company’s main highlights was the ability to operate a multi-drone show with five drones flying at the same time in one event. Moreover, Skye was employed at the French Basketball All Star Game in Paris-Bercy, witnessed by over 20’000 people.

Daniel Meier, CEO and Co-founder said: “The multi drone show opens new possibilities for live-events and creates even more excitement. We are continuously learning and gathering feedback that allows us to make our products better.”

With more than a 70% revenue growth, the company has now expanded its product line with the Aerotain Mini to serve small-size events. Aerotain Mini is four times smaller than the previous system allowing it to fit perfectly in smaller spaces as well as in rooms with a lower ceiling. Due to its size, event organizer can now install multiple drones at an event. Aerotain Mini has already been in use at an event recently, and there is a high demand for it.

“We collected feedback over the last 1.5 years and have we learned that having a smaller balloon is suitable in many events. We are thrilled to introduce our new product on the market. It not only opens vast opportunities for us, it allows us to offer new applications and value for clients”, said Meier.

Aerotain is operating out of a hangar at the airport of Dübendorf and is looking forward to creating memorable experiences for audiences with both versions of their drones.

Photo: Aerotain Mini