Aeguana acquisition brings Boostbar’s growth to new heights

With the purchase of British company Aeguana, Boostbar became a leading provider of unattended retail technology. Last year, the startup grew its customer base to 200 in more than ten countries and reached 6.5 million annual recurring revenue.

Boostbar, a vending management and technology company, offers all-in-one vending systems combining connected hardware with in-house software and expertly curated F&B options. Boostbar’s flexible plans and adaptive solutions help businesses of all sizes take better control of their vending operations and deliver smoother and more delightful experiences.
Their fully modular solutions allow clients to either benefit from Boostbar’s curated and low-waste F&B assortment — or fill the smart fridges themselves to create a sustainable 24/7 in-house offering.

A total of 200 customers and 1,000 Points of Sale(POS), in workplaces, hospitals, caterers, hotels or retailers in more than ten countries, currently rely on the Zurich-based startup.

The company caters directly to 15% of these POS with on-site services, limited to Switzerland. This includes more than 100 workplace customers, as well as 5 of Switzerland’s top 10 hospitals. The remaining 85% of Boostbar’s POS run on Boostbar Pro, the startup’s premier Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. It enables customers to manage their POS in one place, digitalise any POS, manage both their own and 3rd party payment solutions, monitor sales, automate operations, and remotely update and control pricing and digital content. With this, Boostbar has won international top-tier clients in all relevant verticals, such as vending operators, facility managers, hotel chains and product brands.

“With Boostbar Pro, we now provide the technology we developed together with Aeguana to other operators on an international scale. This solution will transform the $18 billion hardware market and the $50 billion operator market, which lack digitalisation and integration possibilities, and suffer from isolated solutions,” said Pascal Uffer, CEO and Co-founder of Boostbar.

Based in London, Aeguana is an award-winning automated retail technology company that Boostbar recently acquired. Since 2010, Aeguana has specialised in intelligent and interactive vending machines of all kinds and facilitated experiential campaigns, working with some of the world’s leading vending operators and brands. Since 2020, the company has added Smart Fridge and Freezer technology to their product range, with customers including the National Health Service, the UK’s publicly funded healthcare system.

With the integration of Aeguana’s technology, Boostbar has reached  CHF 6.5 million in annual recurring revenue, surpassing the target of CHF 3.5 million ARR set at the beginning of last year, as well as the targeted CHF 6 million after the acquisition, as revealed by Pascal.

Boostbar’s team has also grown the team to 50 employees who look towards another successful year.