Advanced Osteotomy Tools AG (AOT) Raises Additional Funding in Series C

The Basel based medical device company AOT, pioneering the field of robotic bone surgery using cold laser photoablation, secured nearly CHF 8 million in the first closing of their internally led Series C financing round.

AOT, a privately owned Swiss Robotic Surgery company has acquired additional funding in series C from existing investors. The German based MedTech-focused Venture Capital Company SHS, along with the Zürcher Kantonal Bank and private investors supported by two business angel groups – SAN StartAngelsNetwork Zürich and BioBAC Basel secured themselves stakes in the company. The capital will be used to fund AOT’s efforts at CE certification of the CARLO system and its launch in the European market.

AOT’s CARLO system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome) combines new laser technology with a lightweight, tactile robot and complex 3D planning and control software into a relatively small and ergonomic system that integrates well into the surgical workplace and leaves the surgeon in control of this universal osteotomy tool at all times.

CARLO is expected to become the first medically certified, tactile robot worldwide able to cut bone cold and contact free with a laser. The device enables the surgeon to bring superhuman precision into the OR, allowing freely defined, non-symmetrical osteotomy lines customized to individual patients. A new generation robot, specially designed for safe collaboration with humans, ensures utmost safety for patient and surgeon and is a “true” robot with potential for broad medical applications compared to current tele-manipulators (often incorrectly termed “surgical robots”), the most prevalent of which are specialized in minimally invasive abdominal surgery.

The unique capabilities of the CARLO system will allow broad use with many existing bone implants as well as new, customized, patient specific implants and osteosynthesis devices. CARLO has already begun to inspire new techniques in bone surgery and osteosynthesis, aiming to improve patient treatment. Furthermore, CARLO has potential to simplify intra-hospital logistics for bone surgery.

AOT’s Alfredo E. Bruno CEO and co-founder stated that “The strong results of Series C financing will allow AOT to complete instrumental development and focus on preclinical and clinical development. The first registration and market launch will focus on Europe, but worldwide patent coverage is available and market introductions will follow.”

AOT’s chairman, Erich Platzer, observed that “This financing demonstrates strong investor confidence in AOT’s invention, technology and its approach to enter the market initially by integrating the novel and versatile CARLO instrument stepwise into current surgical procedures in multiple clinical indications. This should pave the way for surgeons to ultimately re-invent the field of bone surgery”.

SHS’ managing director, Bernhard Schirmers stated that “AOT’s CARLO system has already demonstrated excellent results in preclinical tests and we believe it to be a major innovation with broad usability and, ultimately, huge market potential”.

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Picture: AOT Homepage