Adaptricity wins client in Hong Kong


Cleantech startup Adaptricity has signed an agreement with Hong Kong’s 118 years-old electric utility company to provide software for digitally monitoring power grids and help in better planning infrastructure adjustments. Its the first customer for the ETH Zurich spin-off in the Asian market.


Adapricity specializes in the development of solutions for planning and optimizing smart grids. The company’s innovative simulation software for electricity grids enables grid operators to have different improvement opportunities evaluated before investing in costly infrastructure. One of the startup’s newest clients aiming to benefit from the technology is China Light & Power (CLP), one of the two major electricity providers in Hong Kong with 118 years of existence. Adaptricity has entered a partnership with CLP, its first customer in the Asian market, to support the company in shaping the “future of energy” in Hong Kong. With Adaptricity’s software, CLP aims to digitally monitor its power grids and better plan infrastructure adjustments. This should help to accommodate more output from solar panels, which are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. An acquaintance from Free Electrons Adapricity and CLP have both participated in the Free Electrons program, the first global energy-startup-accelerator program that supports the development of energy start-ups. The program that connects the world's most promising energy startup companies with leading utility companies from different countries. In the previous edition, fifteen start-ups were invited to Hong Kong to present business proposals to the member companies. Adaptricity participated as alumni in the Free Electrons program in Hong Kong and addressed the audience at an event hosted by CLP. The startup team shared its experiences of collaborating with large international utilities on innovative new solutions to the challenges of the energy transition in Hong Kong. (RAN)