Adamant Lane onboards first external investors


Supply Chain FinTech startup Adamant Lane AG has secured a one-digit million Euro investment from its first external investors, including a Dutch family office. The funds will enable the startup to roll out its SaaS platform Liquidity Hub.



Revenues derived from supply chain finance reached between $50 billion and $75 billion in 2019, according to figures from the International Chamber of Commerce. Supply chain finance is defined as the use of financing and risk mitigation practices and techniques to optimise the management of the working capital and liquidity invested in supply chain processes and transactions.

The Swiss startup Adamant Lane AG mingles in this market with its supply chain finance platform LiquidityHub, designed to simplify trade finance processes by making them faster, more flexible, more secure and always compliant. The end-to-end automated processes minimize the possibilities for human error and assure very accurate fraud prevention. The platform is already live and was co-innovated with SAP. In June Adamant finalized the SAP certification and sales collaboration with SAP SE based on the listing in the SAP AppCenter.

After successful seed funding, the startup has attracted external investors including a Dutch family office. They contributed a one-digit Million Euro investment to support the company’s expansion, product and service development as well as sales and marketing activities.

“The investment will accelerate the development of further platform services on LiquidityHub and drive our visibility in the European market. As well as building our team of experts”, elaborated Oliver Schreiber, Founder and CDO of Adamant Lane.

“We want to be part of this impressive growth story. We truly believe in the potential of platform-based financial services for the global supply chain. This is a real “banking-as-a-microservice” driven business enablement for trade finance providers – what else is needed in this fast-changing business environment of today?”, said the principal of the Dutch family office.

Adamant Lane was founded in April 2019 in Zurich by a team of experienced financial services and cloud platform experts with a strong history in trade and Investment Finance. The second investment round to prepare for future international growth in 2021 will be starting in the fourth quarter of 2020.

(Press release/RAN)