Acredius receives European Crowdfunding Service Provider licence

Besides enabling the company to conduct operations across Europe, the receipt of the European Crowdfunding Service Provider licence opens new gateways for investors to conduct equity crowd investing activities within a secure, transparent, and regulated setting. Based in Zurich and Portugal, the startup is the first Swiss company to obtain the permit. 

Acredius is a Crowdfunding platform enabling small and medium-sized businesses (borrowers) to solicit funds for their projects from different investors (lenders) seeking to diversify their portfolio. With headquarters in Zurich and a subsidiary in Porto, Portugal, the marketplace lending platform has been operative in Switzerland with projects that generated more than CHF 150 million worth of SMEs loan requests in to date.

The receipt of the European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) licence, will enable the startup to broaden its operations across Europe: to this day, the startup was limited to hosting projects from SMEs based in Switzerland. The European Union introduced the ECSP regulation with the aim of creating a standardized regulatory framework for crowdfunding platforms. This initiative is instrumental in enhancing the market’s integrity, protecting investor interests, and laying the groundwork for expanding cutting-edge financial services across the continent. 

The ECSP thus demonstrates Acredius’ commitment to the highest standards of transparency, security, and compliance, and reinforces its status as a trusted leader in the financial ecosystem. The company will expand its platform to all EU countries, starting with Portugal, France, and Germany. It will also launch the equity crowdfunding vertical, especially via its partnership with Paris-based organization Women in Tech, which uses its technology as their crowdfunding hub.

Acredius CEO Ghassen BENHADJSALAH commented on the licence granting said: “Obtaining the ECSP licence marks a crucial milestone in our journey, affirming our commitment to excellence and quality. This achievement greatly improves our offerings. It allows us to provide a wider and better range of investment opportunities. Now, we can support more SMEs and startups across Europe. This is a game-changer for entrepreneurship and innovation on our continent. We’re proud to lead this transformative movement.”

(Press release/RAN)