Acknowledgement for Piavita and DistalMotion's product design


The Medtech startups PiaVita, a specialist in veterinary care and DistalMotion with its robotic surgery system Dexter won the IF Design Awards 2020. With PiaVita holding a gold Award, the two startups stand among 54 winners from Switzerland.


The IF Design Award recognises the most outstanding design products from all over the world. With the support of  78 international design experts from more than 20 countries, the committee announced 1453 winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 selected from 7,298 entries from 56 nations.  Among the 54  winners from Switzerland, are two startups PiaVita and DistalMotion.

Piavita developed an intelligent assistance toolset to support the veterinarian with a fast, easy-to-use and smart combination of the Piavita Sensor Technology and the Piavita Cloud Applications. The Piavita System, combined with its proprietary wireless Sensor, enables veterinarians for the first time to access crucial insights into their patient at any time and from anywhere. The Piavet System is the first system in the veterinary medicine to allow for the measurement of ECG, heart rate, R-R intervals, body-core temperature, respiration and activity continuously and non-invasively even through the coat of the animal. The system has been in the market since last year. Piavita received a gold award in the category product.

"An exceptional product that allows veterinarians to quickly assess an animals health from any location, which has never been possible before. The sensor is non-invasive and pain-free for the animal, and can easily be operated by the owner to stream data to the vet. Pure innovation!", commented one of the jury members.

The second startup DistalMotion, designed Dexter, an advanced minimally invasive robotic surgery system, bringing simplicity, versatility, and integrating seamlessly into existing procedures. Dexter design brings surgeons back to patients and allows them to switch swiftly between manual and robotic surgery. Dexter supports optimal ergonomic posture, partly through providing the choice to operate in a seated or standing position. Costing significantly less than conventional robotic surgery systems, Dexter fast tracks the widespread adoption of minimally invasive surgical care in hospitals, for every patient to access its benefits. Dexter will enter the European market this year.

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