Abilect digital ecosystem on the rise

In just two years, Swiss proptech Abilect has built a digital integrated ecosystem for services and products, and consolidated its market position by establishing exclusive strategic partnerships with Migros Vaud, Salt Telecommunications, Allianz, Conforama, and property management companies. The market leading startup led by Esha Indani just announced the first investment from its ongoing seed funding round.

Launched in October 2019, Abilect is a fast growing Vaud based proptech software and facility services platform. Within a year, the startup led by Esha Indani signed a contract with Migros Vaud in February 2020 and launched officially in all their stores (Do It + Garden, Micasa, M Electronics, OBI). All services required by Migros Vaud customers and cooperative members are executed exclusively through Abilect. Migros has advertised Abilect extensively in all their stores. Abilect has kiosks in all the stores through which customers can book services required in the store itself. We undertake a lot of renovations work, professional services, amongst others for their customers.

New innovative strategies are being formulated to provide the best customer service. For example, Migros has special promotions for their customers who avail Abilect services. With OBI, the proptech is launching an "OBI-Abilect renovations card" that will allow customers to benefit from promotions and products and services together. In M Electronics similarly Abilect is working on launching promotions targeted specifically at electrical and plumbing renovations, as well as sustainability initiatives.

Growing through strategic partnerships

Following the launch of its partnership with Migros Vaud, the proptech established partnerships with Salt Telecommunications, Allianz and Conforama. Salt works exclusively with Abilect on a national level. As Abilect CEO and founder Esha Indani explains, her company provides its full range of services to their customers as well as telecommunications specific services. In addition, it has periodic promotions of Salt subscriptions for its users. For private customers Abilect provides mobile phone packages, internet connections and fixed line connections for homes. For professional customers, the proptech offers mobile phone packages, internet connections and phone connections for offices. Additionally, for new constructions, the startup has the abiilty to undertake the installation of Salt fiber optic lines for the installation of their telecommunication products. Moreover, Abilect provides remote support for products purchased at Salt (i.e. Wifi, PC and Phone, TV), installation, setup and troubleshooting of television / smart TVs, Wifi and network systems, computers, mobile and tablets, audio and home theatre systems as well as all smart home devices. 

Among the strategic partnerships, the Vaud based proptech is also currently working with several property management and construction companies for renovations and constructions required on their sites. It also works with Allianz, offering subscriptions to its platform users as well as providing the services required within claims management. The major Abilect partnerships and collaborations are complemented by the various private customers who call on it for a variety of different services - primarily in the property sector, but also for event-based and personal services. 

A winning concept

Very few companies can have an assured and guaranteed customer base within a few months of their launch—but this is what Abilect has achieved, explains Esha Indani. Abilect provides advanced software solutions aimed at simplifying the communication and interactions between all stakeholders in the construction / real estate industry. Abilect’s solutions are built within a digital ecosystem of services and products that responds to the needs of all stakeholders. and overcomes the existing inefficiencies in currently used systems. In addition to the software solutions provided, the platform allows its users to connect with a large network of professionals specialized in essential domains in the building, events, personal and professional services industries.

All of this was achieved without availing any external finance, as Abilect wanted to first consolidate its customer base and market position. It was only two weeks ago that the startup opened its first funding round and received the lead investment from a private investor deeply involved over the course of the last 20 years in technology and innovation, incubating new businesses, products and services in startups and multinationals. 

Gearing up to expand nationally

Abilect is currently planning a deeper expansion into the German speaking cantons of Switzerland, starting with Zurich, Bern, Basel, etc. Employing 25 people, the company will be further developing its product to better respond to the requirements of its customers. Esha Indani explains: “Our planned technological developments include the incorporation of the newest technologies to deliver ideal solutions for our B2B and B2C customers, to anticipate their needs and suggest / provide solutions to them that they may not have considered themselves. We will be providing advanced technological solutions for architects, interior designers, and construction companies. Their technological developments will also enable us to multiply our revenue streams and develop our services further to expand our customer base and reach and be able to service a diverse range of customer profiles. Essentially the next phase of Abilect's product development is aimed at ensuring that our customer’s save as much time as possible on their search for solutions and are able to receive as accurate quotations as possible."

Last but not least, Abilect is also developing a large focus on sustainable construction and real estate starting with its Smart Home and Smart Building initiative. The goal is to ensure that its companies and customers can develop strategies, implement technologies and monitor their installations in order to achieve their sustainability goals and benefit from cost-reductions through software powered waste and energy management.