A successful close: Kickstart startups part with over 40 PoCs


After four months of intense preparations and collaboration, Kickstart concludes the 2019 edition with 40 partnerships between startups and large organisations.


Kickstart mission is to bring together fast-growing startups, corporations, cities, universities, and foundations to jointly drive technological innovation with a positive impact. After four months of intense preparations and collaborations, the projects and partnerships of this year’s program will be announced tonight during a Closing Ceremony in Zurich. The platform will also share news regarding the next program: Kickstart continues to expand in 2020: The program will support technological innovations in circular economy together with MAVA Foundation and Impact Hub Switzerland , as part of the Circular Economy Transition initiative. Also, Kickstart will establish a stronger presence in Romandie. The partnerships 2019 at a glance (Details on the Kickstart website ):  FinTech & Digital Assets Vertical  AXA: Annanow (CH) Coop (Bau+Hobby and Interdiscount): Annanow Swisscom partners include: atpar (CH) and swisspeers (CH), Assetyze (CH), Contract Vault (CH) Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.: Annanow PWC: Annanow (CH), Helios Data (USA)  Cybersecurity Swiss Mobiliar: Statice (Germany), XM Cyber’s (Israel) Planter: Statice (Germany) PostFinance: Statice (Germany) Food & Retail Tech Coop (Eisberg): SwissDeCode (CH),  NiceFiller (Italy); (Coop Bell) Rebel Meat (Austria), Posidonia (Belgium) Migros (M-Industry) Posidonia (Belgium), Kaffe Bueno’s (Denmark), NiceFiller (Italy) Coca-Cola Switzerland and Kickstart Edtech Klubschule Migros: Taskbase (CH) Swisscom: Area9 Lyceum (Denmark) Mercator Foundation Switzerland, Swiss EdTech Collider and profilQ: Education Alliance Finland (Finland), Taskbase (CH) Kickstart: Stroofy (Ireland) HealthTech AXA, OneDoc (CH), Selfapy (Germany), Migros (Klubschule): Braive (Sweden), Selfapy (Germany) Medbase: Medicus AI (Austria), Nahtlos (CH), Selfapy (Germany), Onedoc (CH)  Smart City Swiscom: BeON Energy (Portugal) Zurich City: Oxygen at Work (CH), Totemi (CH) EMPA: Oxygen at Work (CH) Kraftwerk Zurich: Breeze Technologies‘ (Germany) Panter: Totemi (CH) (Press release)