A rich harvest from Veezoo and AXA's partnership


In 2017 the Zurich based startup entered a partnership with Insurance company AXA to develop an Augmented Advisory solution based on the startup’s AI technology. Today the final solution is complete and is being rolled out in 250 AXA agencies in Switzerland. The two have further extended their successful partnership.


The Zurich-based ETH spin-off, Veezoo developed an artificial intelligence based conversational solution, which can analyze large amounts of data in seconds. Similar to Google or Siri, employees in a given company can enter a question to obtain answers by the intelligent software based on the available data. The startup joined the Kickstart Accelerator in 2016 to further enhance their solution and meet potential partners. Following their presentation, the team attracted AXA Winterthur with whom they entered a partnership and launched a six month proof of concept in 2017. Through their partnership, Veezoo would develop a sales intelligence solution for AXA to make the distribution of AXA more effective and efficient. “Thanks to Veezoo’s conversational solution, our sales partners can quickly and easily find the answers to their many questions – enabling them to serve their customers even more efficiently and effectively,” said Martin Studer, Head of Sales Development & Controlling at AXA. Having gained positive feedback from the pilot project and met the client’s objectives, AXA is now rolling out the Veezoo across 250 agencies. In addition to using the solution for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency, employees also use it to identify customer needs better, increasing the customer happiness and performance of the client advisors. The solution will further be rolled out to other user groups within AXA. Till Haug, COO and Co-founder of Veezoo revealed to Startupticker further achievements the company has achieved. He says: “We are currently running a pilot project with another large insurance company alongside working with our existing partners such as Baloise and Raifessin.” Furthermore, Veezoo obtained an additional investment from angel investors last year and has grown its team to 11 employees,” adds Haug. The collaboration with AXA, according to Haug had a significant impact on the company and the founders’ development. The team learnt how to build a scalable, performant, enterprise-grade software that respects the high-security standards required in such organizations. These learnings will guide the team on their forthcoming journey as they build on their success, enhance their solution to meet the needs of clients in the insurance and banking sector. The startup’s mission is to bring the benefit of Veezoo to other Property and Causality (P&C) insurances in Switzerland and Germany. Photo: Veezoo